Regardless of the size and complexity of the process, we believe effective control systems are simple, intuitive, and are easy to maintain and troubleshoot. At Control Box we design and develop custom control systems to satisfy the individual needs of all our clients.

Turnkey automation

Our team has extensive knowledge with programmable logic controllers (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) platforms. This expertise allows for us to focus on the refinement of your automated process rather than the hardware being used. We work closely with management and operational staff to build systems which everyone can understand and have the desired features to prefect your process.

  • Fully custom PLC and HMI applications
  • Built-in system security and user authentication
  • Automated Alarming
OEM systems

Control Box can automate your next original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system. We are experienced in this field and have developed solutions for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies. From conceptual design to a fully tested and documented system, we can assist you in getting your ideas to market.

  • OEM control systems
  • User manuals, fabrication and system integration documentation
Emerging IOT technology has caused an explosion in telemetry advancements. Control Box has capitalised on this by developing a range of versatile embedded systems for edge of network applications. Our platforms are powerful enough to satisfy any existing telemetry requirements and can expand existing functionality with real-time control and web-based user interfaces.
  • Embedded Windows and Linux computers
  • 3G, 4G and various other protocols
  • Ignition Edge and MicroPLC control systems
Some of our key automation suppliers
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