Computer aided design (CAD) software increases design quality and productivity by reducing human error and streamlining the design process. Control Box has invested in the best software on the market to deliver a high-quality CAD service to our clients.

Process design

Developing a new process is complex and often prone to costly errors that delay project completion. We produce 3D models which allows for earlier validation of the design by verifying that components fit together correctly, and that the system performs in applicable simulations (e.g. flow simulations). Another advantage of CAD design is that documentation can be more precisely mapped to the physical plant for better asset management and maintenance. 

Product design

Control Box can assist with developing your ideas from concept through to the final product. We can produce designs which facilitate many modern manufacturing processes including manual fabrication, CNC machining, blow moulding, injection moulding, laser cutting, water cutting, and material extrusion. If you do not have experience in manufacturing, we have relationships with local industry and can organise the fabrication of prototypes or even mass production.

Our key CAD technology