Modular Waste Water Processing

Our client is an NZ based manufacturing company selling waste water processing units in Napa Valley, California. The specialised processing units are installed at bottling plants and wineries. They needed a modular system that could be easily adapted to suit every winery from a small producer to a massive operation with an output larger than Hawke’s Bay combined.

The system we engineered had to be designed to suit the American market, with equipment selection and wiring considerations compliant with local electrical codes. In addition, the system needed a controller that monitored processes regardless of scale. Every system also required full manual override capability should the automation system be offline, remote access, monitoring and control via the internet.

We developed a control system that could be adapted to suit the requirements of individual sites. The control system we developed is the same regardless of scale. With one system, our client is able to design, construct and commission on site, and where no two sites are the same. Some of these systems now process more waste water than a small town.