Brookvale Water Treatment

Havelock North suffered a water crisis in August 2016 with more than 5000 residents falling ill due to contaminated water. During the immediate aftermath all of the small town’s water bores were shutdown, leaving the both Hastings and Havelock North short of water. Water restrictions were put in place, however, fringe areas were suffering loss of water supply during peak demand periods. Havelock North urgently needed additional capacity.

Once the technical and process requirements to safely reinstate one of Havelock North’s Bore Water supplies was confirmed, Control Box was engaged to construct the new Water Treatment Plant. Control Box designed, installed and commissioned the required Pipework and Control Systems to accommodate the new Filtration and UV Treatment equipment.

Components of this project completed by Control Box included:

  • Design and manufacture of a shipping container to house the UV Treatment equipment.
  • Design, and installation of the necessary pipework, valves and instrumentation systems for the Filtration and UV equipment.
  • Design and installation of a PLC based Control System.
  • Design and installation of a SCADA system to provide operator controls and log critical compliance data to an SQL Database, from where compliance reporting requirements could be fulfilled.
  • Provision of remote access to the control system to allow operators to monitor the plant from offsite locations.
  • Project management including the engagement of sub-contractors, liaison with the client and client representatives, implementation of a site safety plan and traffic management on the adjacent public road.